Born in a small village in Czech Republic, I have always known that making cakes would fulfill my life completely. 

My parents thought that I should be a teacher so off I went and was teaching arts for a year in a local school of music. I’ve had immediately found out that this wasn’t the right thing for me to do. So I decided to take my life fully into my hands and left my family to find my place on earth. After spending three years in Prague as a pastry chef, finishing Pastry and chefs degree, I ended up in the city of Bath for my Master’s in the University of Hospitality.

This moment really opened the wider world for me. Shortly became a Head Pastry chef in the  most luxurious Bath Spa Hotel while still I continued with my university degree. Two and a half years later, I appeared in a world within a world called Harrods. This was it. I knew from the first second that this place will broaden me as a person, open the world of opportunities and let me create the edible art I was always craving for. After harvesting most of the awards possible, I completed my Master’s degree and I moved my bum over to the beautiful and magical India where I got the opportunity to become a part of one great story called Conçu. Life took me back to Prague where it all started.While developing The famous Cakeshop at Prague,  I’ve had this funny feeling around my stomach that something out there is being cooked for me. I can wait. Let’s see.

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